Trick or Treat? Would Cows Choose Candy Over Grass?

Farmers are including tons of candy in their livestock’s feed

Oct 30 2012


   What exactly is the cost of inflation and food and gas regulation?  Or the misinformation campaign on nutrition?

  Organic farmers know the value of nutrition in their animals’ diets.  But there is a battle going on.  Through recent years, companies like Monsanto have weened farmers away from feeding their animals grass along with assorted vitamins and minerals to ammonia doused genetically modified corn & animal by product, which causes e coli. And what have the farmers learned kills the e coli?  Grass.

 But apparently for decades due to the rising food costs, even with the help of the “surplus” GMO corn and soybean, the price of which has doubled since 2009, farmers are feeding their lots gummy worms, marshmallows,  ice cream, hot chocolate mix, hard candy, etc.  While corn goes for about $315 a ton, ice-cream sprinkles can be had for as little as $160 a ton.

  “As the price of corn has climbed, farmers either sold off their pigs and cattle, or they found alternative feeds,” said Mike Yoder, a dairy farmer in Middlebury, Ind. “Any time I can make a change to save two cents or three cents a cow, that makes a difference.  Farming is a game of inches sometimes, or half-inches. Every little penny you can find to save, you do.”

  And thanks to a new two year study, we know all the corn & the candy products containing corn syrup from Monsanto are causing cancer in animals.-

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